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Return + Exchange


We’re here to create a better furniture shopping experience from top to bottom, and that includes a 14-day return policy for any Booming Plus products. If you need help, our team is here for you.

In order to offer fast and free shipping, reduce waste, and responsibly recycle or refurbish returned items, we charge a return shipping fee equal to 10% of what you paid for the product, with the original packaging intact. If you don't have the original packaging, the fee is 20% of the paid value. The fee is always capped at RM200 per returned item.

Of course, defective or damaged orders are covered by our warranty and aren't subject to any return shipping fees. For those cases, check out our warranty information below.

If you'd like to swap your order for a different Booming Plus product, we'll waive the fee. Get details on exchanges below.

*Acceptable for Semenanjung Malaysia only


Free Exchanges

If you decide the fabric or leg finish or anything else isn’t quite right, we offer a one-time free exchange for an item of equal or lesser value within 14 days with the original packaging. You can exchange any product of equal or lesser value up to 14 days after delivery one-time, free of charge for craftsmanship flaws

If you decide to exchange that item again (more than once), you will be responsible for any shipping fees to and from your home. All exchanges must be made with the original Booming Plus packaging. If you do not have the original packaging on hand, you will be charged a repackaging fee equal to 10% of what you paid for the product. If the item you are exchanging for costs less than the original item, we’ll refund the difference. We cannot exchange items of greater value.

There’s no return shipping fee for your first exchange. Get in touch with our team to arrange a pick-up and have the replacement item sent to your home.

*Acceptable for Semenanjung Malaysia only


Manufacturer Warranty

We stand by our furniture with a 100-day warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, starting on the date of delivery. There are no fees to repair, replace, or return an item that's covered by our warranty. If you have any issues with your Booming Plus piece(s) that fall under this warranty, we will organize replacement parts, repairs, and when necessary, a complete replacement.

Note: for the warranty to be valid, you must be able to produce the original purchase confirmation email containing the order number and email address used to place the order. The 100-day warranty is only valid on products purchased directly from Booming Plus. The warranty is voided if the sofa has been resold or re-gifted by the original owners/purchasers. Our 100-day warranty covers all defective or damaged parts and manufacturing not related to consumer-caused damage or modifications.

Note: This warranty does not include insurance coverage for fragile items provided by Booming Plus. 

Please note that our warranty isn't transferrable; that is, it can't be extended to cover a re-sold item. Defects or damage caused by negligence, misuse, accidents, abnormal use, modifications, or commercial purposes will not be covered by the Booming Plus warranty.

*Acceptable for Semenanjung Malaysia only


How to initiate a return

To initiate the return process within the 14-day product return, please begin by completing this.

From there, please email our Customer Experience team ( with your order number to arrange for either return shipping or a return pick-up. We ask that you include photos of the product to show its current condition and any potential defects. Booming Plus reserves the right to choose the method of return. Booming Plus will provide instructions on how to proceed.

Note: A return process must be initiated within 14 calendar days for products of receipt in order to be eligible for returns. The first 14 days after Booming Plus confirms complete delivery of the order (i.e., 14-day trial begins when Booming Plus’s shipping partners confirm delivery, not when the order is unboxed). To successfully initiate the return process, must receive an email requesting a return by 11:59 PM  on the 14th day of the trial.

*Acceptable for Semenanjung Malaysia only


Return eligibility

Products must be in usable condition to be eligible for return (e.g., no stains, tears or another soiling including odours). Accepting returns is at the sole discretion of Booming Plus’s judgement of the state of the Products. Booming Plus reserves the right to refuse any returns. Booming Plus may request descriptions and images of the Products to determine the state of the Products prior to accepting returns. Failure to comply with requests by Booming Plus may result in Booming Plus’s refusal to return. Failure to complete the returns process within one week of being provided instructions from Booming Plus may result in Booming Plus’s refusal to return.

To ensure a successful return, please make sure that your piece is in as-new condition and that you have the original packaging on hand. For customers who are in possession of the original packaging, there is a return-shipping fee equal to 10% of what you paid for the product. For customers who are not in possession of the original packing, there is a 20% return-shipping fee. In either case, the fee is capped at Rm200 per returned item. 

The return fee helps us offer fast and free shipping, reduces waste from ‘trial’ customers, and allows us to recycle or refurbish returned items responsibly. It’s always our goal to operate efficiently and pass those savings on to you.

*Acceptable for Semenanjung Malaysia only